Kentucky Bank Chooses NetGain Technologies Managed IT Services

Kentucky Bank President and CEO, Louis Prichard explains their partnership with NetGain Technologies. They utilize NetGain Technologies’ managed IT services offering, Technology OneSource to ensure their IT needs are met.

Below is a transcription of the above video:

About Louis Prichard & Kentucky Bank:

I’m Louis Prichard, President and CEO of Kentucky Bank. We’re headquartered in Paris, Kentucky. We have 15 locations and we’re now in 10 counties. We have about 224 employees.

Kentucky Bank moved away from an old phone system to a system that created a premier customer service experience.

The old phone system that we had was probably far more limited in terms of capabilities than what we have now. I think the impact on our customers before was that we were far more limited in our abilities to deliver service and that’s the number one driver for our bank. The new things that we’re able to do- we have a call center that’s very, very important to our customer service driven initiatives and with the call center set up the way it is and with the assistance of NetGain we’ve been able to monitor calls, determine how many are coming in, how many are being dropped, where they’re going, and how well we’re doing in taking care of our customers.

In addition to their Cisco phone system project, Kentucky Bank selected NetGain as their managed IT services provider with Technology OneSource.

We chose NetGain Technologies after really looking at other opportunities whether those be in-house or other providers like NetGain. Ultimately, we chose them. We believe that they have the expertise and experience to provide us with the needs that we desire. One of the things that we measure is how our employees are pleased with the response at the help desk and that’s been rated extremely high with a 99.17% satisfaction rating which is outstanding, at least in my book. The Technology OneSource model has been tremendously helpful to us in a multitude of ways but one of which has been extremely important to us is the fact that we’re able to budget and manage our financial resources as a result.