Hollaender Manufacturing

When it comes to a business IT environment, it’s important to dedicate the time and energy to do everything right for both present and future. Fortunately, I work for a company that understands this and was willing to make the investment and gain the benefits of a virtualized server environment.

The reason for our virtualization project was our ERP software, Macola ES. To become current with updates, it would have required an upgrade of MSSQL to 2008 from 2000 as the current version of Macola ES no longer supports MSSQL 2000. In order to maintain our payment card industry (PCI) compliance, we needed to upgrade this software, which also meant that we needed to upgrade the server it was housed on. To replace or upgrade one machine made no sense – we have five 10-year old machines and it would cost over $7000 to upgrade just one of these physical servers. If we were to proceed with this upgrade on our current system, we would be faced with the same issue in less than three years due to failing or antiquated hardware.

Instead, by virtualizing, we are spending about the same amount of money and gaining so many other benefits. Before, everything loaded on to the few servers we had, but we now have the ability to split out server roles with virtual machines designated for files, SQL, email and more.

A perfect example of another new capability is for the Macola migration project. In the past, I would have shut everything down, worked on the migration, and then fired it up for testing. Of course, this would mean a lot of night and weekend hours because otherwise, it would inhibit our business. Additionally, if there were any problems, we would need to pinpoint them quickly because it would be live.

Post-virtualization, I am able to clone the machine for our associates to work off of while I am doing the transitions on the back end — normal hours for me and no interruptions for my coworkers!

Hollaender Manufacturing has been working with NetGain Technologies for about 10 or 15 years, so it was natural to call on your team for this project. Everyone we worked with was professional, experienced and friendly – we were sad to see them go when the project was over. For other companies facing similar problems, I definitely recommend that they invest the resources to do it right and that they call on NetGain Technologies to help manage or fully manage the project.


Michael Cornett
I.T. Manager

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