The Bankers’ Bank of Kentucky

NetGain Technologies extended its focus on the financial industry by formalizing its relationship with Bankers’ Bank to help their banking members. By working directly with the impressive institution, NetGain Technologies will offer its services to clients of Bankers’ Bank so they have access to the same level of high-end services.

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About Bill Fallon & The Bankers Bank of Kentucky

My name is Bill Fallon, I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Banker’s Bank of Kentucky. We do serve some 200 community banks in a five state region, and roughly have to $2.6 billion dollars in volume that flows thought this institution every single day. So obviously it’s vital that we never have any down time and we do serve all these banks five days a week and never have been down in the 25 years that we have been here. We had a number of technology challenges back in late 2012, we were running out of memory space on our computer systems, on our servers, and we had to look and try to find someone who could help us try to get to the next level, if you will, form the technology point of view. We chose NetGain as our management service provider because of the OneSource product that was exactly what we needed. We needed someone from the outside to be supporting us internally. Quite frankly it led to us using them as our single IT source, because they just covered the entire gambit of what our requirements were. From the OneSource product, it evolved into, ultimately, replacing our entire system because we needed a new servers and we went through a virtualization process, which is a whole new concept to me as a CEO. The new hardware that we have took the place of some four different servers. They are all functioning as one unit now and that did give us some cost saving over what we would have done, had we had replaced one server one at a time, that and we had a lot of aging equipment. We went through that process with NetGain they, quite frankly, put together a proposal that is how we went form that late 2012 situation to where we are today.

Life Before NetGain Technologies.

Prior to working with NetGain, the fail over system we had, as it turned out, was very inadequate we discovered that it would have taken us a minimum of six hour to even begin functioning at a rudimentary level. Now with NetGain everything is being backed up every 30 minutes at our backup site out in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. If we were to lose our voiceover internet, here, at the main bank it takes us roughly 20 minutes to drive to the other location and we can be up and running inside an hour. We cannot ever be down and this is the way we designed the system with help from NetGain.

New Technology and Better Customer Service.

Because of this technology I have a better comfort level with being able to serve our customers that is what we are all about. We have to serve the customer and we have to be here. And with the prior system I had some false comfort levels with it and with this new system it is so much easier to utilize, plus the support we get form NetGain is just incalculable.