The Kentucky Center for Performing Arts

Kim Baker, president of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, shares how they provide “world-class entertainment” in their spaces. Partnering with NetGain Technologies improved how The Center services their customers and creates efficiencies throughout their workforce.

Below is a transcription of the above video:

My name is Kim Baker and I am the President of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts.

We were built to be very forward leaning so from the art that’s in the building, it’s all world renown, contemporary artists, to the way the building looks itself… this is a very forward leaning, contemporary place and we have to present world-class entertainment in our spaces. So technology has to support that and it gives us a competitive advantage because we are able to support that. One of the things NetGain has helped us do is really take it from a time when everything was done manually with paper forms to having everything go through software so now we’ve got all of the reporting that we need at the click of a button and all the analytics that we need to help us improve the way we are servicing our customers and create efficiencies. You could be in our theaters and 600 people at one time are using social media or they have their laptops opens. It’s one of the situations where we have to make sure our wireless service is spot on. With the service that NetGain has provided us, we have been able to do that.

We also have scanners now that we’ve implemented so that quickly our ticket takers can get patrons into the theater without having to manually tear a ticket, count a ticket and so all of that… there’s not the long line we had and we can get the information that we need to make the experience excellent for the customer.

The one thing that we absolutely really loved about the style of NetGain is that they didn’t come in with solutions before they really understood our business. Tucker was actually in our phone room alongside our CSRs for a good week, watching how we did things so that he could go back and then he and Andy actually crafted a custom solution based on what they learned. So I really felt like they had a good appreciation and strong understanding of what the business of the Kentucky Center was like.

From my seat, NetGain has been an excellent partner. They’ve been responsive. They have provided solutions to our needs that are custom. They’ve been excellent communicators, but more importantly the people underneath me and throughout the organization… all of the staff here have had an excellent experience working with NetGain. In fact, we are really proud to call them our official technology partners.