Consultants in Pain Management

Technology Upgrades Increase Uptime, Save Money, Improve Patient Experience at Pain Management Practice

A Sterling Reputation

Dr. Gregory Ball, M.D. founded Consultants in Pain Management (CPM) in 2002. Through ten years in practice, Dr. Ball and his staff have developed a comprehensive multidimensional approach to pain management. Meanwhile, with increasingly complex patient privacy laws, insurance billing practices, and all the challenges of modern American healthcare, CPM has maintained a consistent reputation for quality patient care. Technology has sustained the office’s ability to operate efficiently. (Click here to download a printable version of this case study.)

Room for Improvement

While everyone at CPM used computers as part of their daily duties, there were many opportunities for improvement. Prior to its work with NetGain Technologies, for instance, only a few of CPM’s physicians and staff had access to email in the office. This meant that scheduling changes, everyday memos, and office correspondence had to be inefficiently hand-delivered. Plus the original network and printer configuration meant unacceptable amounts of downtime.

The Situation

CPM had just consolidated two different offices into a new building. The new Director of Operations, Bill Bakos, researched IT service providers to make recommendations on any necessary technology refreshes or upgrades. He was searching for a partner that specialized in small businesses. NetGain Technologies filled the bill and its experience with clients in the medical field was a major bonus.


NetGain Technologies started with a full assessment of CPM’s technology infrastructure, daily operations, and needs. At the time, CPM was running four servers and several standalone computers. Of the standalones, one operated the door locks and an entirely different PC was running the time clock. One set of software managed secure access to medical records while a second software subscription covered scheduling, insurance, and billing. Consolidation and building efficiency was necessary.


All machines were running Windows XP, certainly due for an upgrade to Windows 7. Very quickly NetGain Technologies engineers determined that a new server with virtualization could upgrade the office’s functionality and reduce the time and expense of maintaining six different machines. But that was just the beginning…

NetGain Technologies and HP help this medical practice meet patients’ needs.

The Solution for Consultants in Pain Management

To enable the proposed upgrades and save on long-term maintenance costs, NetGain Technologies recommended a G6 server from HP. This, along with a RAID 5 provided the network security, reliable operation, and capacity for future expansion that CPM needed. A key part of NetGain Technologies’ solution was to virtualize several machines running various software programs for the office. Bill Bakos, Director of Operations for CPM, was new to virtualization. He recalls NetGain Technologies’ initial analysis: “It would eliminate a lot of the unnecessary equipment maintenance associated with four old servers, the newest being one manufactured in 2006.”

The Results

With the new system, doctors gain secure access to patient records anywhere, including laptop access to medical records right in examination rooms. Bakos has already seen benefits, saying: “The brand-new server is under warranty and well supported. Just the energy savings are considerable.” Bakos reports that the efficiencies and convenience of having the entire office connected by email and running the latest operating system are already noticeable to everyone on staff. The new integration of technology creates improved access to key information, which allows the office to serve more patients. Patients benefit from more efficient office visits and streamlined service, from scheduling through billing.

Big-Picture Solutions

While assessing the new office network, NetGain Technologies engineers sensed something awry in the office’s VOIP phone system and asked for details on the system and phone bill. After analysis, a new proposed switchbox along with NetGain Technologies’ assistance with long-time contacts in telecom saved CPM over $1,000 a month in phone charges. Employees report good voice quality and totally reliable service on the new system. This sort of holistic problem solving is why CPM has chosen NetGain Technologies as its trusted IT advisor. Reports CPM’s Bakos: “NetGain Technologies is very thorough. They’ve got the expertise and the foresight. If anything’s above my head, I get a quick response. If I have a problem, they take a look and correct the problem. Since working with them, we’ve had very few of those problems.”

Click here to download a printable version of this case study.