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“Technology infrastructure” is one of three basic components of managed IT services for businesses that collaborate with a managed IT services provider (MSP) for information technology. (The others are IT Support and Business Strategy.) Technology infrastructure is, itself, a combination of two subcomponents: proactive technology management and network administration. The technology infrastructure page on this site provides a basic overview of the topic, and the network administration page describes that aspect in greater detail.

Below, you will learn more about proactive technology management within Technology OneSource v.10—our model of managed IT services.

Proactive technology management minimizes downtime

proactive technology managementA primary goal of proactive technology management is to minimize companies’ downtime and to keep businesses productive. Technology OneSource provides a centralized service to monitor your network. Included proactive services cover:

24×7 network monitoring

Technology OneSource v.10 includes 24×7 network monitoring. Our monitoring program automatically alerts our live engineers of any potential problems. Unlike most outsourced IT providers, our engineers are in the office around the clock to provide these services. Because our engineers are in the network operations center (NOC), they can immediately access the network to uncover the issue and take corrective action—often before clients are even aware an issue exists. Most managed service providers (MSPs) rely on a dispatch service to pull in an “on call” employee when issues arise, leading to a scrambled response and often a long wait for problem resolution.

A review of overall network performance, including any issues mitigated, is part of the Business Review meeting. (Additional information about the Business Review is available on the Business Strategy section of this site.

Server software updates

Server manufacturers provide occasional software updates to improve server performance and fix vulnerabilities and other “bugs” in the system. When OEM updates are released, they generally reduce the system’s exposure to potential threats. In the Technology OneSource software update protocol, we perform these updates during off-hours to minimize the effect to your business and avoid downtime. Server software updates are part of the 27-point Technology OneSource checklist. Our NOC engineers devote hundreds of hours monthly to researching, analyzing, and enacting these server updates.

Server proactives

Technology OneSource engineers also monitor your network systems to make sure they are not overloaded. The result is a longer lifespan of the equipment and a more predictable environment

As with software updates, other proactive updates are performed during “off” hours to minimize disruption to your business.

Networked computer maintenance

Similar to server updates, Technology OneSource v.10 includes defined proactive maintenance for networked computers (PCs and laptops) and supported software applications. For example, when Adobe Reader or Java or Flash releases a new software update, we evaluate it and remotely update all networked computers, when appropriate. End users do not have to spend their time trying to update their computer and systems—the service is included in the Technology OneSource v.10 program.

Documentation of processes

NetGain Technologies provides audit-ready, written documentation of your network, licensing, equipment, and business processes, consolidating the information for auditors, examiners, and other regulators to access easily. This service is essential for highly regulated industries like banking and healthcare.

Data back-up

Offsite backups of servers covered in your maintenance contract are included in Technology OneSource v.10. If you lose access to your files due to user error or to equipment loss, theft, failure, or destruction, we are able to recover and restore Office data files quickly. For your peace of mind, the Technology OneSource program verifies with you monthly that these data backups are happening.

For more information on Proactive Technology Management, please contact or call (844) 77-SMART (76278).

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