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technology infrastructureSuccessful businesses need their technology infrastructure to perform properly. Typically a company’s infrastructure consists of the hardware, software, network, data, facilities, and services, along with employee resources. When these components do not function properly, it causes disruptions to everyday business operations.

Having a management strategy in place helps to prevent downtime of the technology infrastructure. In NetGain Technologies’ model of managed IT services, this management process is an included member service. Technology infrastructure includes two key components: proactive technology management and network administration.


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What is proactive technology management?

Proactive technology management is a process that minimizes a company’s need for reactive support services. Organizations today typically deal with technology issues reactively—meaning they wait for problems to occur and address them on a break/fix basis—which can cause employees to be unproductive when systems are down.

Technology OneSource v.10 monitors and maintains equipment proactively to avoid the inefficiencies and frustrations of unexpected and unnecessary downtime. A proprietary 27-point checklist ensures that your company’s IT infrastructure has received a thorough and methodic review.

Our managed IT service program covers:

  • 24×7 network monitoring
  • Server software updates (sometimes known as “server patch management”)
  • Server proactives
  • Hardware maintenance, including proactive updates on networked PCs
  • Mobile device proactives
  • Office data backup
  • Documentation of processes

For more details on each of these services, visit our proactive technology management page.

What is Network Administration?

Network administration encompasses several administrative responsibilities that are normally time intensive and may be overlooked by internal IT staff or less diligent service providers. As a result, many SMBs fail to maintain current software versions and updates.

To achieve an unmatched level of network support, NetGain Technologies maintains a dedicated staff of network administrators within the 24/7 network operations center. Technology OneSource v.10 includes the following services:

  • Software & license management
  • Vendor management
  • Monthly reports
  • Asset inventory

For details on each of these services, visit our network administration page.

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