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Technology OneSource managed IT services provide structure to the essential elements of successful business IT. Two of those elements are components of IT Support: Network Administration and Reactive Support Services.

IT Support

Network Administration

Network administration is a behind-the-scenes aspect of your company’s information technology environment. Network Administration encompasses software and license management. It also addresses the full spectrum of technology vendors that affect your network.

Technology OneSource engineers take on the role of resolving issues with your technology vendors. This can include existing relationships your company has with an Internet service provider (ISP) and core application vendors. By speaking directly with your vendors, we eliminate miscommunications and finger-pointing. Because we are experts on the hardware and software in your IT environment, we can speak engineer-to-engineer with your vendors to speed up the resolution timeframe, while you focus on your core business.

Learn more about Network Administration within the Technology OneSource managed IT services program.

Reactive Support Services

The second part of IT Support is Reactive Support Services. Our reactive support is officially named Remote Support Engineering, but most end users will know this service as the helpdesk. Technology OneSource’s remote support engineers achieve a broad base of technical certifications—our helpdesk engineers are significantly better-trained and more highly certified than most outsourced IT providers’ staff.

This role of end user support exists to resolve end-user issues quickly, enabling your staff to get back to work without excessive downtime or technology hindrances.

Visit the Reactive Support Services page to learn more about the 24/7 helpdesk, including a virtual tour of the network operations center.

For more information on IT Support, please contact or call (844) 77-SMART (76278).

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