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Business leaders choose to collaborate with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to ensure that their information technology environment will support their business goals reliably and efficiently. Your relationship with your outsourced IT services provider should be a true technology partnership, rather than an arm’s-length vendor agreement. (Read more about managed IT services.)

Technology OneSource membership is a technology partnership

Outsourced IT services from Technology OneSource include three main components: Technology Infrastructure, IT Support, and Business Strategy. (See also a general overview of Technology OneSource information technology services.)

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While many outsourced IT contractors promise to maintain your company’s infrastructure and provide IT support, few have the business acumen or established procedures to occupy a seat at your executive table regarding technology.

The experts at NetGain Technologies provide C-level guidance for your business. We stand side-by-side with you during audits; we sit on IT steering committee meetings; we often are invited to attend board meetings. Technology OneSource advisors continually review best-in-class technology standard to align your business and ensure that your IT supports your goals. We also help you to evaluate the risk to your company of not being in alignment with technology standards, translating the technical risk to business risk.

Periodic business reviews are a necessary report for company leaders

For Technology OneSource members, part of the discussion about strategy occurs during a regularly scheduled Business Review. The Business Review is a meeting between you and two of your trusted advisors from NetGain Technologies: your regional director of managed IT services, plus your lead systems engineer.

Starting when you first join the program, your managed IT services team will conduct a thorough assessment of your technology infrastructure. Each period, you will meet with your team to review a periodic report—the Business Review—that grades your IT status. This report will:

  • Document any misalignment with best practices
  • Identify risks to your business objectives
  • Project expenditures necessary to maintain a positive technology posture
  • Include a schedule of hardware replacement timeframes

The review may also reveal issues with specific users or in a particular branch location that have led to a decrease in productivity. Results of these findings are typically addressed with user training or adjustments in workflow.

The Business Review report provides necessary insights to executives of the exact status of your network. This proprietary report is important in the ongoing discussion of strategic planning and how technology impacts business performance.

Documentation provided in the Business Review is a component of the technology partnership your company has with Technology OneSource. It helps you to understand trends in technology compared to best practices and industry regulations, giving your company a competitive advantage. The report provides a roadmap of how to proactively drive IT for both short- and long-term planning so that you can reach your goals and objectives.

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