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If you have reviewed other details about managed IT services described on this site, you have learned about how Technology OneSource approaches proactive support, reactive support, and network administration.

business IT strategyIn the managed IT services model, one additional element of managed IT solutions works alongside your technology infrastructure and IT support process. “Business Strategy” is the aspect of information technology consulting that ties everything together for companies whose business model depends on technology. The business strategy component:

  • Informs executives about how their IT is performing, and how their company compares to their competitors
  • Lets business leaders measure accountability within the IT department
  • Identifies challenges before they occur
  • Allows businesses to formulate and follow a predictable IT budget

To achieve best results from IT, Business Strategy requires a Technology Partnership

Forming a technology partnership with a trusted managed services provider (MSP) allows business leaders to:

  • Set a true budget for IT support and for technology hardware
  • Move IT services to a fixed operational expense
  • Provide a schedule for specific technologies to meet evolving expectations and bottom line requirements

The primary goal of a technology partnership is to create a predictable environment that is comfortable and ensures your technology is in alignment with your business. Regular documentation of your company’s IT status is an important component of aligning technology with your business strategy. (To learn more about periodic Business Reviews, see the Technology Partnership page on this site.)

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