IT Support for Professional Services Providers IT Support for Professional Services Providers

Unlike other types of businesses who sell tangible products, professional services firms provide knowledge, consultation and expert skill. This presents a unique set of challenges when you include the software that essentially runs your business. It takes expert communication and efficiency to stay on top; and with technology changing, the way we communicate every day, due diligence in this area is a must.

IT Benefits for Professional Services:

  1. Faster and more agile customer experience
  2. Improve client retention
  3. Scalability of operations
  4. Insure privacy of data
  5. Employee efficiency

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  • What do all professional services firms have in common?

    Whether you are a law firm, CPA, architect, etc., all professional service firms need to ensure the privacy of their clients information. Also, customer service is of the utmost importance.

  • How can I access my documents away from the office?

    Because your service is providing knowledge, your systems need to be portable. Virtual desktop solution, terminal services and cloud options address these requirements.

  • What is the best way to manage mobile devices in our environment?

    Many companies dealing with regulatory requirements will need a mobile device management (MDM) plan in place. MDM allows your organization to provide only those devices that are compliant with your policies access to corporate email and data. In addition, you will have an inventory of all mobile devices accessing your network and allow you to push security policies and settings over the air. Finally, MDM provides the ability to remotely lock, or wipe a lost or stolen device.

  • What security standards should I have in place to keep customer information safe?

    The FTC is holding all businesses accountable for their client or customer information therefore security standards need to be upheld by all professional services industries. To keep you customer information safe you will want to have firewalls, data encryption, patch management, email archival, etc. processes in place.