Managed IT for Manufacturing Managed IT for Manufacturing

Information technology has transformed the manufacturing industry. Automated processes and computerized control of equipment have enabled manufacturers to improve efficiency and scale their operations.

But reliance on IT for a competitive edge has a downside: When the network is dark, the plant stops production.

Manufacturers are collaborating with managed IT services providers (MSPs) increasingly to ensure network uptime and expert oversight of expensive and complex but crucial IT systems.

Managed IT Benefits for Manufacturers:

  1. Managed IT systems are flexible to drive advanced manufacturing technology
  2. Managed IT creates a solid foundation for your ERP system
  3. Collaboration with an MSP minimizes IT systems downtime (helping you to avoid lost revenue)
  4. The managed IT services model maximizes efficiencies, giving you an ability to do more with less
  5. Technology roadmapping promotes continuous innovation
  6. Advanced IT systems help you to attract and retain the best talent throughout your organization

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  • What type of IT infrastructure will I need to support my ERP solution?

    Every manufacturing setup is different. Your manufacturing business should not settle for an out-of-the-box technology solution. While all managed IT solutions should be customized to your unique situation, however, a few IT services are universal. Technology OneSource, the region’s leading managed services program offered by NetGain Technologies, provides a foundation for the technology infrastructure, IT support, and business strategy that manufacturers require.

  • How can technology help with the manufacturing skills gap issue?

    Retirement of experienced employees has been an issue for manufacturers for more than a decade, creating a skills gap as new, younger employees replace those departing. The next generation of manufacturing talent will expect to work in a technology-heavy environment. To train these employees on the processes of your organization, you will want to consider the incorporation of technology like video conferencing, collaborative communications, and even employee-friendly policies like BYOD and accessible wi-fi.

  • How do I reduce downtime at my manufacturing facility?

    Manufacturers use technology to record sales 24/7. If your IT system goes down, revenue is lost and the entire process halts. Proactive technology solutions can help increase uptime to about 99.9%.

  • Why can’t I pick up a wireless signal in my building?

    Many manufacturers can deal with wireless issues when their environment was not accurately assessed. Due to structural differences, inventory levels, etc., manufacturers have many factors that can affect the wireless signal. Because of this, we suggest conducting a wireless site survey to determine your specific needs which will help ensure the signal is picked up in the areas you require.