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How much time can you afford for your systems to be down? Some companies say multiple days to one day at the most. Some can only be down a couple hours, and some can only afford to be down a couple minutes or seconds. No matter what your answer is, there is a backup and disaster recovery solution for you because many businesses cannot afford to lose their critical pieces of data.

Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery benefits:

  1. Managed disaster recovery in a stable environment
  2. Very low recovery time, measured in seconds available
  3. Provides offsite backup for clients to keep their data secure
  4. Simple set-up and maintenance, lowers overall cost
  5. Intuitive and requires minimal training
  6. Increase business agility

Disaster Recovery

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If you only have one location or multiple locations but are not interested in doubling your investment to have matched equipment at both locations, hosted backup and disaster recovery is for you.


  • What hosted backup and disaster recovery solution is best for my business?

    This all depends on how much time you can afford to be down i.e. your recovery point objective (RPO) and your recovery time objective (RTO). If your RPO/RTO is in the day(s) category, we suggest electronic vaulting or DataDomain. If it’s in the seconds, minutes, hours category, we suggest Zerto. There are pros and cons to each, but it comes down to your business needs.

  • Can the bandwidth accommodate the data sending from my office to yours?

    Yes, most backup and DR solutions require nightly backups which are usually conducted off peak business hours to make sure bandwidth availability.

  • Is data transferred securely between our offices?

    VPN or software encryption can provide a secure line from your office to our datacenter.

  • Do you manage my backups?

    If you are part of our managed services program, we manage your backups regularly. If you are not, we provide that service at an additional cost.

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