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No organization ever takes on an IT project planning to fail or fall short of expectations. But, after 30 years in the business and close to a thousand projects, we can say this: The lack of a cohesive, well-thought-out plan of action is one key reason many IT projects fail – or fail to deliver their expected payoff. Simply stated, a detailed plan of action is crucial to maximizing your IT project’s success. That detailed plan is what we call an architectural design.

Benefits of an Architectural Design:

  1. Delivers a visual representation of your existing environment and proposed solution
  2. Provides a written, detailed plan of action for the timely and successful completion of your project
  3. Minimizes “guesswork” and assumptions
  4. Includes a comprehensive proposal and a guaranteed, fixed-fee quote for implementing your solution
  5. Presents a carefully reasoned estimate of your ROI

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More about an Architectural Design:

Specified in your architectural design is your proposal and fixed-fee quote which includes all man-hours, all materials and all work. Your architectural design shows you how to implement your solution, with or without the services of NetGain Technologies, although, we confess, we much rather prefer “with.”


  • What should an IT project plan include?

    A well-designed IT project plan could include a project overview, business needs and objectives, existing environmental analysis, business unit interviews, recommendations, project implementation plans, project deliverable, project constraints and assumptions and project completion details.  It should be a written, detailed plan of action for the timely and successful completion of your project.

  • Why is IT project planning important?

    In order to minimize guesswork and assumptions, an IT project plan is designed to articulate the requirements and specifications needed for the project. It will also help to ensure the project is successfully completed within a specified time frame.

  • How much does an architectural design cost?

    An architectural design ranges in price based on the complexity of the project. Costs can vary between a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

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