Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson is a veteran of NetGain Technologies’ Remote Systems Engineering team at the headquarters location in Lexington, Ky., where he operates as Remote Engineering Manager. He spends his day working on challenging Tier 3 issues with clients, while also overseeing and assisting his Tier 1 and Tier 2 co-workers. Since joining the NetGain Technologies team in 2009, Mark has become adept at handling high priority issues with networking, voice, and security. Since becoming Team Lead, he is now sharing his knowledge and ensuring his team has appropriate training. Mark is what locals call a Kentucky Londoner, as he hails from the town of London in the “good ole” region of southeastern Kentucky. Mark’s parents, older brother, and extended family all still reside in London today. When asked what tore him away from his London home, Mark said, “NetGain did.” Mark graduated from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) with a Computer Electronic Networking degree. After graduation, he was offered a job at NetGain Technologies, and since joining the managed IT services provider, he hasn’t looked back. Mark continues to grow his knowledge in the technology field. He now holds several certifications, including MCSE Server 2012, VCP, and CCNA-Security. When speaking to Mark, it’s clear he enjoys his job. He respects his RSE team and appreciates the opportunity to continue training and earn certifications. When Mark’s not in the office, his favorite pastime is bowling. For Mark, there’s no renting of shoes or searching for the right size ball amongst the alley’s racks. Since joining a league in Lexington shortly after his arrival in the city, Mark arrives at the lanes prepared with his own gear. Mark and his significant other, Jessica, also enjoy traveling. In recent years, they have embarked on several Caribbean cruises, gone scuba diving in Jamaica, and beat the odds in roulette while in Las Vegas. Although exciting, all that adventure can be exhausting, and Mark says he sometimes just wants to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix. “It’s all about the balance. Work hard, play hard, and relax hard.” Mark doesn’t hesitate when asked where technology is taking us. “Everything is becoming connected,” he says. “I see everything having an IP address in the future. Watch—soon we’ll be using our phone to operate it all.”